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OC Athletic Massage Terms & Conditions

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1)  OC Athletic Massage is located at 4100 Birch Street Suit 200 Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660

2) Always plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early. The start time of a client’s appointment is the time when the client is expected to be ON the massage table so that the session can begin. If a client is late, the massage will have effectively “started without you”. Regardless of the time the client arrives, the scheduled appointment still end on time. Please help us ensure you get the most out of your session and the time you are paying for by being early.

3) What to wear:  

  • If clients are using the Normatec™ Compression Legs we highly recommend wearing tighter clothing. Occasionally those that wear loose clothing while using them may feel some discomfort.
  • For Thai Massage clients will leave their clothing ON. We suggest wearing looser clothing as Thai Massage involves lots of movement and limb manipulations. Wearing looser clothing will help with the flow and effectiveness of this type of massage.
  • For all other massages, clients will undress completely for the session and they will be covered securely for the entirety of the session. We will uncover only the part being worked as it is being worked. We prefer not to work around or over clothing as it reduces the effectiveness of the massage.

4) Normatech™ Compression Legs: The compression legs will be set up in the sitting/waiting area right outside the treatment room. We suggest using the restroom beforehand as clients will be sitting you 20-35 minutes. The time and pressure will be set at the beginning of the session. Clients will slip their legs into the compression legs and zip them up. Clients will then put their feet up on a chair or stool to get into a comfortable position. Pressing the blue arrow starts the session. The legs will run through one (1) initial cycle. Clients can increase or decrease the pressure to adjust comfort level using the (+) or (-) buttons. The pressure gauge runs from 1-7. If at anytime a client needs to pause the session the blue arrow can be pressed again to stop the compression.

5) Contrast Therapy:

6) Tipping: Tipping is optional but always greatly appreciated. If you choose to tip, 15-20% gratuity of the full, undiscounted cost of the service is the industry standard. Cash is appreciated, and we can always run a tip on your credit card.

7) All clients agree to give at least 24-hour advanced notice for cancellations/rescheduling. See the Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy below. Each client’s intake form includes similar information.
Each client should ensure the email you receive upon booking your session is accurate and that your calendar matches that of OC Athletic Massage. Each client will receive a text 48-hours in advance to confirm their appointment. Let OC Athletic Massage know immediately if you need to change or cancel an appointment.

Cancellations/Rescheduling Policy:

**Please ensure you have read this section; you will agree to it when you sign your client agreement form.**

We have reserved each client’s appointment time SPECIFICALLY for them. We understand that unanticipated changes in schedule can happen. Our desire is to be effective and fair to all of our clients and out of consideration for OC Athletic Massage’s time and other client’s appointments, OC Athletic Massage has adopted the following policies:

  • 24-hour advanced notice Cancellation Policy –  A 24-hour advance notice is required when canceling an appointment with OC Athletic Massage. This is in place to ensure that OC Athletic Massage has time to properly schedule appointments for clients in need that can make specific time slots. If you are unable to give a reasonable advanced notice (24 hours) you may be charged a $35 missed appointment fee at the discretion of OC Athletic Massage. Clients can avoid the missed appointment fee by arranging for someone else to go in their place during their scheduled time slot.
  • No-shows –  Any client who either forgets or consciously chooses to forgo their appointment without 24-hour advanced notice will be considered a “no-show”. The full amount of the cost of the missed appointment will be charged to the client’s card on file in this case.
  • Arriving late – The client is responsible for arriving on time to each scheduled session. Appointment times have been arranged specifically for each client. If a client arrives late for an appointment, the session may be shortened at the discretion of OC Athletic Massage to accommodate other clients who may have appointments in the following time slots. If a client is extraordinarily late to an appointment OC Athletic Massage will determine if there is enough time remaining in the time slot to start the scheduled session or not. It is at the discretion of OC Athletic Massage to cancel sessions in this event. If a client is late to a session, the client will be responsible for the full cost of that session, regardless of the length of the scheduled session versus the length of the service rendered. OC Athletic Massage will do it’s best to satisfy the schedule requirements of its clients and will attempt to adjust schedules if the client is late whenever possible.

If a client has circumstances that they feel warrant special consideration, please contact OC Athletic Massage as soon as possible. We do our best to accommodate our clients and we understand that schedules can change abruptly, but clients are subject solely to the policies above if no contact with OC Athletic Massage is not contacted prior to the appointment. Please contact us ASAP if you have an issue so that we can determine whether an exception to these policies can be made. Our goal is to ensure our clients are healthy and happy!

Your safety, comfort, and satisfaction are important. If you have any questions call us at 949-994-0333 anytime and leave a message. You can also email use at

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