Contrast Therapy

Contrast Therapy Available NOW! 

Infrared Sauna + Cold Plunge

contrast Therapy- Athletic Recovery Services

If you want to feel better without having to go to one more physical therapy appointment or take medication, I have something for you! Contrast Therapy is a scientifically proven rehabilitation and recovery technique to reduce inflammation and pain, speed up recovery time, and improve performance. Using an infrared sauna & cold water causes a physiological effect to stimulate active recovery. 

60-minute sessions available

Single Sessions – $95
Use code 50OFF your first session
60 Minute Packages
4 Pack – $340 ($85 per session) 8 Pack – $645 ($80 per session)

Here’s what clients say about their experience at OCAM.
Cold Plunge Testimonial Contrast Therapy

Here’s how it all breaks down…

Step 1:
Prior to entering the sauna complete a 3 minute breathing exercise.
Step 2:
Enter the Sauna and cool plunge for the predetermined time.
Step 3:
Relax in the comfy chair & repeat the process!

 Cold plunge therapy goes beyond what cryotherapy can accomplish.  

 OCAM takes the guesswork out of learning
what works best for you. Each protocol is custom and evolves over time as your needs change.

Contrast Therapy is a perfect fit for you if…

  • You are an active adult who’s tired of tapping out or not playing full out.
  • You’re experiencing long recovery time and it’s impacting your participation in everyday activities and competitive sports.
  • You want to sleep better, think more clearly, and have better immunity.
  • You’ve tried all the traditional methods to help, and aren’t seeing any results.

You have questions. I have answers!

Will Contrast Therapy help my athletic performance? (+)

YES! It has been a staple in the athletic community for years, and with incredibly successful athletes like Kobe Bryant (who was “religious” about using it before every game). Two studies conducted in 2007 showed that contrast bath therapy can also help decrease the lactic acid in your body, helping you recover from the soreness and fatigue of strenuous exercise. A 2017 meta-analysis of the research found that contrasting hot and cold baths helped team sports players recover from fatigue 24-48 hours after the game.

How does Contrast Therapy work? (+)

The theory behind constantly switching between hot and cold is that the expanding and contracting blood vessels will create a “pump” and help circulate new blood quicker in order to repair used muscles. By improving your blood flow you can accelerate this delivery of crucial repairing cells, improving your recovery.

Will Contrast Therapy reduce pain in the long run? (+)

Yes! Numerous studies have found that contrast therapy helps with fatigue, DOMs & pain. The rapid changes when going from hot to very cold pumps blood through your circulatory system faster. Your body adapts and becomes more efficient at nutrients & disposing of waste.

How long do I have to do Contrast Therapy for? (+)

You’ll see benefits after the first session. As part of a total recovery package, continued use of contrast therapy will help you perform at your best.

Which is better for improving recovery and performance? Massage or Contrast Therapy. (+)

Both! Contrast Therapy enhances the benefits of massage.

Is Contrast Therapy safe? (+)

Yes, it is 100% safe. If this is your first time, the temperature difference shouldn’t be too drastic. Just slightly comfortable. This way you can  ease yourself into the therapy slowly adapting your body. Always consult your physician before starting a new exercise or recovery therapy.

Do I have to wear a bathing suit? (+)

Yes, bathing suits are required. If you forget yours at home, don’t worry we have your back. A disposable bathing suit will be provided.

How many people can be in the room doing the session? (+)

Only one person will be allowed in the room at a time.

When is the best time to schedule a Contrast Therapy Session? (+)

It’s best to do schedule a session after a workout. If you workout includes heavy weight lifting you should schedule you session on a rest day, or at least 12 hours after your work out.


Are you ready to do this? Contrast Therapy in Newport Beach, Ca

When you book today, you’ll get:

  • Customized plan for hot and cold sessions based on fitness level, needs and goals 
  • Breath-work protocol from Tim Hall for use as a guide during therapy 
  • Disposable bath suit 
  • Use of a cool hand towel during therapy 
  • Use of a dry full sized towel after session 
  • Small water bottle