ELDOA Exercise & SOMA Training – OCAM Edge

What if you could maximize your movement potential and improve performance without pushing harder, lifting heavier or spending more time at the gym?

Gain the Athletic Edge with ELDOA 

Here’s the deal. What if, in a fraction of the time most standard therapies take, you could eliminate your pain, improve performance and strengthen your ability to know and control your movements?
Because that’s what
OCAM Edge is about.  

You know that in order to optimize your workouts and daily movement, you need to have a program that incorporates an individualized program, because your needs are unique to you.

But, you are tired of seeing a handful of “experts” without experiencing lasting and sustainable improvement, and find yourself asking questions like…

  • What’s my next option?
  • What if I never feel better?
  • Am I just going to have to live with constant and annoying pain?
  • How long until I see results with this?

Imagine having a single program without the additional guesswork.  Without wasting time.  With results that actually last.

What would happen?  

You’d master your peak performance, understand how to maintain your strength and recovery process, and maximize your mind-body connection so you can experience gains in strength and power.

If you want those things, I have something for you.

Get the Edge - OCAM Edge maximizes results to give you the Edge you need. We use multi-faceted, targeted ELDOA+SOMA training to improve the way you move. We optimize your workouts so that you get the most out of every movement. Our programs are customized to the needs of every client. OCAM Edge helps you perform and feel at your best.


I know you will be satisfied and excited with the results your programs can deliver
– Christine Ryan, Owner


No more guesswork. We design and customize our programs for YOU. We analyze your fitness level, goals, and body type to customize the perfect plan for you. Our fitness professionals know what works for YOU.


No more wasting time. Our programs build on the principles of ELDOA exercise and SOMA training. We use specific movements and exercises to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck. We optimize every workout, every time.


Results that last. We don’t just fix the symptom, we fix the problem. No band-aids, no quick fixes, no BS. Just science-driven training. Improve your performance, get rid of pain, and gain strength that lasts.

3 Phases of OCAM Edge - 1) Fitness Screening – In-depth evaluation of your body’s dynamic & static forms, 2) Mind-body Connection – Strengthen the ability to know & control your movement. 3) MSS Performance – Master techniques to maximize efficiency of movement & improve form

We can help you!

What you get with the OCAM Edge:

  • FULL-BODY dynamic and static fitness assessments
  • WEEKLY one-on-one video calls with our corrective exercise specialists
  • PERSONALIZED training and recovery programs designed uniquely for you
  • SPECIALIZED training methods such as ELDOA exercise forms and Fascial Fitness techniques
  • PRIVATE community for ongoing support


Christine’s Story

OC Athletic Massage & Training - ELDOA exercise and SOMA training Results - Christine's StoryIt’s me! The owner and operator of OC Athletic Massage & Training.

I’ve been in the fitness and sports world for over 17 years. As I’ve gotten older, I found my regular recovery techniques weren’t working. Recovery times after a workout (or after injuries) were taking longer and longer. My performance worsened and I wasn’t feeling “healthy”. I started to lose the sense of community that I felt with the people I trained and exercised with.

I needed something that would help me stay injury-free and help improve recovery. Something that would boost my athletic performance that would also fit into my (very busy) daily life.

So, I set out to find something that worked for myself. I studied cutting-edge techniques such as ELDOA exercises and SOMA training and did mountains of research. Then I put each theory and method to the test myself! That’s how I developed the OCAM Edge programs!

I can personally attest to how the program has improved my posture, athletic performance, and health. I 100% practice what I preach and fully stand behind the benefits of this program.

John’s Story

OC Athletic Massage & Training - ELDOA exercise and SOMA training Results - John's StoryJust before the COVID started, I began PT with another company for a shoulder problem. When the lockdowns came, they sent me home with some exercise bands and a few exercises I should do. But, I wasn’t seeing any improvement and I began experiencing significant lower back pain as well.

I decided to consult Christine at OC Athletic Massage & Training. She analyzed my shoulder and also immediately identified my lower back pain. Shortly after, she had developed a custom training program for me. The results amazed me!

I was able to strengthen my shoulder, improve my range of motion, and get rid of my back pain. The program included a holistic full-body plan to increase my strength and flexibility.

I could not be happier with the results! Her program allowed me to train longer and harder with a much quicker recovery time. So I highly recommend Christine at OC Athletic Massage & Training.

Still not sure if this is for you?

This program is a perfect fit for you if…

  • You want to perform better in both competitive sports AND daily life.
  • You’ve attempted other programs and therapies and haven’t seen sustainable results.
  • You are ready to gain strength, stability and power in your physical performance.

Disclaimer: Instructors cannot diagnose or offer medical advice. The information provided is not an alternative to medical advice from your doctor(s). If you have specific questions about any medical matter please consult your physician. We recommend those with injuries to get advanced clearance from their doctor(s).