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Home training that fits your life.

Maximize potential.
Optimize movement.
Reduce pain and strain.
Improve athletic performance.

Gain the athletic edge, from your own home.

Traditional training and therapy methods give temporary results. It’s time for a change.
OCAM Edge home training gives you the tools you need to get the lasting results you deserve.

OCAM Edge maximizes results to give you the edge you need. We deliver a multi-faceted, targeted program to improve athletic performance, reduce pain, challenge yourself, and avoid injury. We optimize your body’s movement so that you get the most out of your training and recovery. OCAM Edge gives you the ability to improve your body dynamics to gain strength, flexibility, and endurance, from your own home—with lasting results. No secrets. No BS. Just science-driven training to improve your performance.

Home Training with OCAM Edge

OCAM Edge gets you the results you need with our three-phase program:

  1. Body Screen – In-depth evaluation of your body’s dynamic and static forms
  2. Mind-Body Connection – Strengthen the ability to know and control your movement
  3. MSS Performance – Master techniques to maximize your efficiency of movement an improve your form

What you get with OCAM Edge:

  • FULL-BODY dynamic and static fitness assessments
  • WEEKLY one-on-one video calls with our professional instructors
  • PERSONALIZED training and recovery programs designed for you and your body
  • SPECIALIZED training methods such as ELDOA forms and Fascial Fitness techniques
  • PRIVATE community for on-going support
  • AND MORE… Regular fitness consultations, fitness recommendations from our professional instructors, and more…
Check out the importance of efficiency of movement is and how OCAM Edge can improve it in the OCAM blog posts.

Our results speak for themselves.

OCAM Edge Home Training Results

OCAM Edge Home Training Results

John’s Story

A mutual friend put me in contact with OC Athletic Massage and I’m so glad they did! Working with Christine and the OCAM team has been nothing short of phenomenal!

Just before the COVID-19 lockdowns, I started physical therapy with another company for a shoulder impingement problem. Then the lockdowns came. They sent me home with some exercise bands and a few exercises I should do. Not an ideal situation at all—I wasn’t seeing any improvement. The lockdowns also meant that I was spending a lot of my time on an indoor trainer instead of on my mountain bike. It was just not the same and I began experiencing significant lower back pain post-ride on the trainer.

I needed help. So, I decided to consult Christine at OCAM. She analyzed my shoulder issues and quickly developed a custom program for me. This program enabled me to strengthen my shoulder muscles as well as improve my range of motion. Christine immediately identified my lower back issues as well and implemented a regimen to strengthen my core muscles. Her program included a holistic full-body plan to increase my overall strength and flexibility while eliminating the pain I was feeling.

I could not be happier with the results! Her program allowed me to train longer and harder with a much quicker recovery time. I highly recommend consulting with Christine at OCAM. They were able take my training to the next level!

Our professional trainers tailor OCAM Edge to the needs of every client. We improve the way you move. OCAM Edge helps you perform and feel at your best.

If you want to prevent pain before it happens, maximize the efficiency of your movement, and improve performance with personalized, professionally guided training from the comfort of your home–OCAM Edge is for you.

Disclaimer: Instructors cannot diagnose or offer medical advice. The information provided is not an alternative to medical advice from your doctor(s). If you have specific questions about any medical matter please consult your physician. We recommend those with injuries to get advanced clearance from their doctor(s).