Low Impact Cardio In a World of Advanced Bicycles

Low Impact Cardio In a World of Advanced Bicycles

March 29, 2019 Posture Recovery 0
Low Impact Cardio

Low Impact Cardio and sixthreezero Bikes

Low impact cardio can be supported by the right equipment. So there are a couple features on the sixthreezero EVRYjourney bicycle that set it apart. Number one is the forward-pedaling design.

Down Tube Design Helps with Comfort

The down tube more usually comes straight down. Then it connects with what’s called the bottom bracket. That is where the pedals are, and the crank. In this case, it’s actually taking a more extreme angle and that puts the pedals a couple of inches out in front.

It also does a couple of things. First, it gives the rider the ability to put their feet flat on the ground when stopping. So for someone that may have balance issues or isn’t too comfortable on a bike this is a great option. And then it also takes a lot of pressure off the knees. That is because you are actually pedaling a little bit out in front of your body as opposed to straight down.

So it’s relaxed, comfortable, easy on your knees, easy on your joints. Also, it’s going to keep you in a straight up-and-down posture for low impact cardio. So your back is going to be straight. Your arms can relax out in front of you. It takes all the pressure and all the weight off your shoulders, your back, and your legs.

It’s a unique design as well. There are other beach cruisers out there. But again they’re going to follow the traditional pedaling look and feel.

Returning to Low Impact Cardio After an Injury

What about people that are getting back from an injury? Something to consider when getting back into biking is getting on and off the bike. It can be a challenge. So the good thing about the EVRYjourney is the step-through frame. So it’s easy to get your leg on and off. Not every cruiser has a step-through frame. Also, not every comfort bike has a complete step-through. If you have lost mobility in your knees or you’re just getting back into low impact cardio, that alone makes it easier.

Low Impact Cardio

The other piece of that too is that it’s easy to stop. So, say you’re riding super slow and you can’t build up a ton of momentum and you want to stop frequently. It makes it easy to put your feet down, hang out for a second, and keep going.

The Story of the Bike Design

There are actually some companies that do a very similar bike. They have been around since the early 90’s. sixthreezero does its own thing. They made some changes for low impact cardio. One, in particular, is the handlebars. This is their eighth year of having this model. Every year they’ve changed something and found a way to make it better, more comfortable. And to improve it.

A big thing that differentiates the EVRYjourney is the type of handlebar. Usually, the handlebar is reserved for a cruiser bike. And what they’re trying to do. They mesh together the hybrid with a cruiser element. Putting your arms in this relaxed position is something unique compared to the bikes that try to copy sixthreezero.

See Your Accessories on the sixthreezero Website

One cool thing about sixthreezero, and also about California culture is that you can go to their website and customize your bike. So you can actually see what it’s going to look like while you add and choose the accessories. You can change the seat color, you can change the rim color. You can add a cup holder and a basket and look at what it’s going to look like as you customize it and then add it to your cart.

Then you can assemble it all at home or they can do it for you. But that’s kind of the thing that differentiates them. Nobody else has that online visual tool to build it and see it. You can always buy basket and do things like that. But the excitement is to watch yourself build it in front of you.

Getting Your Own EVRYjourney

If you want to get in touch with sixthreezero, you can reach them on sixthreezero.com. If you have any questions and you don’t want to go there, you can email [email protected].

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