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Commit to improving your long term health and performance!

Get the most out of your athletic massage to improve long term health and performance!Our goal is to ensure you get the greatest benefit and best value from your athletic massage. To achieve that, we offer memberships, packages, and specialized programs to optimize results. They are perfect for those with long term goals to improve performance and recovery. Take advantage of these packages to commit to your lifelong health and performance.

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Maintain & Train Membership

Our Maintain & Train Membership is designed to promote stable performance improvement and proper recovery. They are perfect for those who have an event or competition coming up or those looking to maintain between events.

Receive a monthly massage and save 5% discount compared to individual sessions.

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Race Package 

We designed this package for those that have a demanding competition, race or event on the horizon. It focuses on two important phases of the event: preparation before and repair after. We use techniques and therapies to ensure your body is fine-tuned before, and after, your event or race.

This package includes:

  • One (1) muscle recovery wrap
  • One (1) 60-minute massage sessions
  • A 15-minute Normatec™ Compression Legs session
  • Professional pre-race KT tape application

Race Package starts at $155.
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