Remote Fitness

Gain the competitive edge with our online training!

OC Athletic Massage now offers Remote Fitness Programs! Enjoy a challenge and want to learn something new to feel healthier and happier?

At OC Athletic Massage, we maximize our client’s results. Thus we promote a multifaceted approach to improve athletic performance and¬†prevent injuries. Taking advantage of athletic massage is a major part–but not the only part! To maintain an active lifestyle you need to maintain your body on and off the massage table. We offer a 12 week Acadmey to help you do exactly that!

We’ve discussed how important body movement is in previous blog posts. OCAM’s Edge Academy is customized for every client and aims to help you improve these and other aspects of your active lifestyle. We are here to help you perform and feel at your best.

Some of our popular Online Training topics include:


ELDOA exercises and Myofascial Stretches (MFS) focus on very specific techniques and forms. These techniques can benefit everyone! The movements involved need strong attention to form. Proper instruction of these techniques is key as they are only effective with proper form.

Benefits of ELDOA include:

  • Increased flexibility & better posture
  • Improved muscle performance and tone
  • Quicker recovery from sports and rigorous exercise
  • Relief of back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Better mind-body connection; reduced stress
  • Reduced joint inflammation and arthrosis symptoms
  • Click here for additional ELDOA information

Fascial Fitness

  • The kinetic storage function of fascia: springback and catapult effect
  • Current fascia research: three types of elastic rebound
  • Davis Law for Remodeling Collagen Tissues
  • The sensory innervation: proprioception, nociception and interoception
  • Tasks and stimulation of the mechanoreceptors through targeted fascia training
  • Fascia as a pain generator: training recommendations for myofascial pain
  • The importance of lifestyle on the fascia system: nutrition, sleep behavior and stress

Postural Realignment

Postural correction classes focus on maintaining a healthy posture! Our everyday tasks and movements often put us in compromising positions. As a result, our basic movements can affect our posture causing pain and fatigue.

This class focuses on exercises and stretches to help fix postural problems. We will instruct you on what to look for in your own motions. You will learn what good posture looks like and as a result, how to fix your own! It can be hard to correct posture on your own so this class is great for everyone!


Disclaimer: Instructors cannot diagnose or offer medical advice. The information provided is not an alternative to medical advice from your doctor(s). If you have specific questions about any medical matter please consult your physician. We recommend those with injuries to get advanced clearance from their doctor(s).