Sports Massage

We provide a custom experience based on YOUR goals and needs

We tailor every massage session to our client’s needs. Christine has a wealth of knowledge with 15+ years of experience. She has an in-depth understanding of body mechanics and how it fatigues. She has the know-how to get you back to 100% and back to enjoying your active lifestyle. Rigorous exercise, sports, biking, work, posture problems? Whatever it is, we can get you back on track. Your session includes all of the necessary techniques to help you recover and improve.

Sports Massage

Our most popular massage technique!

Perfect for athletes and people who like to train hard and play hard! Sports massage focuses on swift muscle recovery. Targets precise muscles based each client’s needs. Sports massage is great for those wanting a brisk and firm massage into deep tissue.

Benefits: Increased blood flow and decreased muscle tension. Quicker recovery and improved performance.

Sports Massage starts at $125. Book now!

Therapeutic MassageOC Athletic Massage services

Focuses on balancing muscle groups and correcting posture.

Begins with posture and joint angle analysis. Customized therapy session to best suit you and your body. Methods include myofascial release, Swedish, and trigger point therapy. Includes exercise and stretch techniques to maximize results and improve posture.

Benefits: Improved joint space and range of motion. Reduces muscle tension. Allows for more fluid body movements and control.

Therapeutic Massage starts at $125. Book now!

Cupping Therapy 

Cupping therapy uses suction and decompression 

Cupping helps increases blood flow and reduces pain. Some athletes use this type of therapy to decrease muscle recovery time and improve balance.

Benefits:  Pulls up stagnation in deeper tissues. Reduces tension in muscle and myofascial tissues. 

Cupping Therapy starts at $125. Book now!

Be sure to arrive early for your session use our recovery tools! Some of our most popular tools include:

  • Normatec™ Recovery LegsEnhances recovery following strenuous physical activity.
  • LightStim™ LED LightManages and soothes pain with heat and light.
  • Compex ™ Muscle Stimulator – gain power, strength, endurance, and recover faster.

Discounts and Packages

To get the most for your money, we offer massage packages and programs! Commit to improving your health and performance. Check out our Packages page for details.