The Unbreakable Blue Print

Ready to not feel limited in the gym because of lower back pain?

Does this sound like you? 

😥 You’ve been suffering with back pain for six months to a year that affects your everyday life.

😥 You’ve scaled back at the gym and it doesn’t seem to decrease you pain levle.  

😥 You’ve tried, physical therapy, massage, and nerve blocks, only to feel like you’ve wasted time and money to be in more pain.

😥 Feel like you’re in a vicious cycle of exercising for a few months only to pull a muscle and you’re out for a month or two?

If you’re tired of not being able to do the things you want to, watching everyone workout while you do a modified version because of pain, and ready to break the pain cycle hamster wheel… then I have something for you! 

Here’s the deal… What if, in a fraction of the time most standard therapies take, you could eliminate your lower back pain, improve performance and strengthen your ability to know and control your movements? 

Because that’s what The Unbreakable Blueprint is all about!

🙌 So you can feel confident lifting that weight, going on a run or picking up you kid that you won’t wake up with debilitating back pain.

🙌 Be able to age gracefully and enjoy every day, pain free.

🙌 Be happier and able to enjoy your life again and not feel limited by your pain.

lower back pain

The Unbreakable Blueprint is an online training program designed to eliminate lower back pain & teach you to become your own best therapist.”
No more guesswork. We design and customize our programs for YOU. We analyze your fitness level, goals, and body type to customize the perfect plan for you. Our fitness professionals know what works for YOU.
No more wasting time. Our programs build on the principles of ELDOA exercise and SOMA training. We use specific movements and exercises to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck. We optimize every workout, every time.

Results that last. We don’t just fix the symptom, we fix the problem. No band-aids, no quick fixes, no BS. Just science-driven training. Improve your performance, get rid of pain, and gain strength that lasts.

If you’re ready to… 

  • Perform better in both competitive sports AND daily life.
  • Get out of pain for good, feel young again
  • You are ready to gain strength, stability and power in your physical performance.

What you get with the Unbreakable Blueprint

  • FULL-BODY dynamic and static fitness assessments
  • WEEKLY one-on-one video calls with our corrective exercise specialists
  • PERSONALIZED training and recovery programs designed uniquely for you
  • SPECIALIZED training methods such as ELDOA exercise, Functional Patterns, and Fascial Fitness techniques

Client Wins  

Hamilton’s Story

Hamilton came to us experiencing pain in his lower back after playing basketball and pain on and off in his right pec muscle. After an entire body scan he started on an isolated strengthening program and integrated exercises that helped improved his fretwork in basketball.

The photo on the left is his initial screening and the photo on the right is after his session. His fitness journey he continued and after 12 weeks his back pain was gone and his game improved.

John’s Story

OC Athletic Massage & Training - ELDOA exercise and SOMA training Results - John's StoryJust before the COVID started, I began PT with another company for a shoulder problem. When the lockdowns came, they sent me home with some exercise bands and a few exercises I should do. But, I wasn’t seeing any improvement and I began experiencing significant lower back pain as well.

I decided to consult Christine at OC Athletic Massage & Training. She analyzed my shoulder and also immediately identified my lower back pain. Shortly after, she had developed a custom training program for me. The results amazed me!

I was able to strengthen my shoulder, improve my range of motion, and get rid of my back pain. The program included a holistic full-body plan to increase my strength and flexibility.

I could not be happier with the results! Her program allowed me to train longer and harder with a much quicker recovery time. So I highly recommend Christine at OC Athletic Massage & Training.

How do I know if The Unbreakable Blueprint is right for me? (+)

We’ve helped many clients eliminate their lower back pain. Before we accept new clients we first have a call where we assess your pain (not a diagnosis) but if you already have a diagnosis already, perfect! Put that in the application. Because we only work with a select few of clients we’ve become very skilled at creating plans to help their pain. We also never will work with a client if we don’t feel we can help. We do have a large network and will always point clients in the right direction.

How much time will I need each day? (+)

The beautiful thing about this program is its customized to fit your schedule. Meaning I designed the workouts so they fit seamlessly into what you’re already doing. Plus I teach you sneaky ways to get your corrective exercises in during your day. Have a zoom meeting to attend at your standing desk? Perfect time to fix in your awareness exercises. Hanging out at your kids practice, great time to fit in thoracic rotations.

How much does this program cost? (+)

I know that you’ve probably feel like you’ve already spent a ton of money trying to relieve your lower back pain. I want to respect your time and make sure that this program is right for you. That’s why I highly recommend filling out the application and booking a call first that way we can get a better idea of why you’re in pain. Each plan is customized so because of this, the cost can vary.

I’m interested, what do I do now? (+)

See that button? Click it and submit your application & book a call. If you need to reschedule at any time you can do so on the conformation email sent to you. Check your junk email