Premier Massage Therapy and ELDOA Classes in Orange County

Live, Breathe, Relax. Repeat.

Live: Do what you love. Whether it’s marathon runs in the hills or marathon sessions in the office. Live your life. Give it your all, and embrace the tiredness and fatigue.

Breathe: Pause and reflect. Use some time to revive your energy and prepare yourself to gear up again. ELDOA exercises are a great way to strengthen and renew your body. 

Relax: Take a moment for self care. Treat yourself to a therapeutic session to fully complete the restoration process.

OC Athletic Massage is here to amplify your life experiences by helping you live your life to its fullest. Call today to find out more about massage therapy and exercise class options that can help minimize injuries while dramatically increasing your performance in all of your endeavors. 

Meet Christine – passionate triathlete, dedicated therapist, and enthusiastic owner of OC Athletic Massage.

As a young student athlete, Christine learned that massage therapy provided a number of valuable benefits for:

  • Complementing physical therapy during the injury recovery process;
  • Aiding in muscle relief for injury prevention;
  • Helping improve overall athletic performance through enhanced recovery.

She quickly realized at the age of 16 that she wanted to dedicate her life to helping others through the power of healing hands.

As a collegiate athlete and student of kinesiology, her appreciation and understanding for massage therapy as a critical component for physical performance improvement and enhancement continued to grow.

Over the last 12 years, Christine has amassed a wealth of education and experience to help herself and her clients improve their physical health and athletic performance through dedicated rehabilitation exercises and massage therapy.

Give Christine a call today to schedule an appointment, and let her help you achieve your next level goals. Call (949) 533-8403.

Live, breathe, relax. Repeat.