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Live, Breathe, Relax. Repeat.

Live: Do what you love. Whether it’s marathon runs in the hills or marathon sessions in the office. Live your lift. Givie it your all, and embrace the tiredness and fatigue–it means you’re living.
Breathe: Pause and reflect. Use some time to revive your energy and prepare yourself to gear up again. ELDOA exercises are a great way to strengthen and renew your body.

Relax: Take a moment for self care. Treat yourself to a therapeutic session to fully complete the restoration process. Athletic massage therapy can help you recover and get you back on track and healthy to get back to living.

Embrace what you love

At OC Athletic Massage we embrace life every single day. We understand that life can’t be lived at 100% all day, every day. We need time to reflect, recover and rebuild.  Athletic massage, ELDOA and other therapies can help you embrace and enjoy life to the fullest and make sure you are happy and healthy while doing so!

Meet Christine — passionate triathlete, talented therapist, and dedicated owner of OC Athletic Massage.

Christine’s journey to becoming one of the top rated professional athletic massage therapists in Orange County began long ago. As a young student athlete Christine learned that massage therapy provided a number of valuable benefits for an active lifestyle, including:

Aiding in muscle relief for injury prevention;
Helping improve overall athletic performance with enhanced recovery;
Complementing physical therapy during injury recovery;
Enabling athletes and those with active lifestyles to perform at their best and in a healthy and happy way.

She quickly realized by the age of 16 that she wanted to dedicate her life to helping others through the power of healing hands. As a collegiate athlete and student of kinesiology, her appreciation and understanding for massage therapy as a critical component for physical peformance improvement and recovery continued to grow.

Over the last 13 years Christine has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience to help herself and her clients imporve their physical health and athletic performance through dedicated rehabilitation exercises and massage therapy.

Book online or give OC Athletic Massage a call today to schedule an appointment and let Christine help you acheive the next level of your athletic goals.

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What Our Clients Say

Our massage services have helped many improve their performance, reduce recovery time and assist in injury prevention and recovery. But don’t take our word for it, see what our clients have to say!

“Christine is way different than any other massage therapist I’ve been to! First of all, she has a delightful personality and is super easy going and fun to chat with. Right off the bat, I could tell that she was different than most massage therapists because she has an incredible background with triathletes, Olympic athletes, weightlifters, and CrossFit athletes. I always love getting worked on by people who have experience in the extremes of their field, and Christine is exactly one of these gems! Christine’s pressure was spot on. She has a great combination of pressure speed and depth so that it was right at the sweet spot between comfort and therapeutic healing.

Monica S.

“I’m an Athlete of many years who has had a double shin splint issue for many years. Massage, stretching, Rolfing & rest wasn’t making it any better. Two sessions with Christina and I just ran 10 miles pain free for the first time in years. I’m sold, and she just gained a client.”

Keevin B.

“Christine is a miracle worker! I played volleyball for 13 years and have the aches and pains to prove it. I contacted her and she was extremely prompt in getting back to me so we could set up an appointment. The first session we spoke so I could explain in detail the areas of pain I needed the most help with and she paid extra attention to my problem areas during the massage. All it took was one massage for me to be hooked and book another one! Thank you Christine!”

Mikayla D.
collegiate athlete

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